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  Books By Carl Peter Klapper  

The Washington Poems
C. P. Klapper
ISBN: 1934882003, Paperback - 14.00 BUY
ISBN: B002TX740A, Kindle - 3.00 BUY

This poem cycle pretty much has it all: the personal, the political, the striking and the poignant. "The Washington Poems" immerses you into the life and psyche of our nation's capital. Even the topical poems, dealing with Jimmy Carter's rose garden strategy, the assassination of Anwar Sadat and others, ring true today.

Stylistically, the writing is impressionistic in that you will not notice the style but the effects in the mood created by it. Rhyme and meter are slaves here to enchantment, through the incantation of the verse.

Sonnets for the Spanish
C. P. Klapper
ISBN: 1934882011, Paperback - 14.00 BUY
ISBN: B00332F4U8, Kindle - 3.00 BUY

"Sonnets for the Spanish" is a cycle of fifty sonnets in Shakespearean form that chronicles the courtship by an older male poet of a beautiful young woman, which is thus the reverse situation of the older Elizabeth Barrett writing "Sonnets from the Portuguese" to younger Robert Browning.