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  State ideas  

I thought you were running for President


 As a Republican, I am always thinking of ways to serve the public. Thus, outlining my potential service as Governor is complementary to offering my service as President. There is no need in me to rule in either case, so there is also no distraction from a goal to rule as President. Such a goal does not exist. What does exist is the nature of the service I would provide in any office to which I might be elected. That might be summed up in the Republican ideal of enabling the people to serve each other in their respective communities. There is a strong bias against the formation of communities in the structure of the Garden State, so that bias will have to be redressed at some point. The people of this state need to have communities in which to serve, not wage slave quarters with high rents or mortgages. These same concerns are relevant to higher office. They remain relevant to what I could do for you as Governor.

Stop Highway Killing


Every time I read of a highway death, I think: there, but for the grace of God, go us all in these motoring states. Nobody should need to operate a motor vehicle just to get to singing auditions or, for that matter, to get geriatric care. In the Garden State, especially, we allow rank incompetents of any age to drive on our roads because our public transportation system does not serve our citizens in their daily life and because we allow private companies to create hellish sprawl with no regard for the people who will have to live in their houses or to get to work in their office parks, factories or warehouses. Then we are surprised when amateur drivers get into fatal accidents.

As Governor of New Jersey, I would bring all NJ Transit operations under control of the New Jersey Department of Transportation, through a public agency under it, dissolving the three businesses which currently manage public transportation under confused lines of authority: NJ Transit Bus Operations, Inc, NJ Transit Mercer, Inc., and NJ Transit Rail Operations, Inc. Then I would establish omnibus service of various sized vehicles driven by professional drivers, operating 24/7 once every 15 minutes to start, once every 5 minutes when and where ridership warrants. Most routes will begin with cars (routed cabs) and add larger vehicles at certain times AFTER the five minute frequency has been reached. Feeder routes will bring people from post offices and from neighborhoods and work locations not served by post offices, to new or existing highway rest stops. The Montvale rest stop on the Parkway has the sort of access required, with a driveway descending to a local road under the highway overpass. The major highway routes would also have rest stops at each major highway intersection, served by the intersecting routes.

The system of the new Garden State Transportation Agency (GSTA) will have a freight component. All rest stops will also have full depots for the transfer of freight to tractor-trailers going in other directions and to smaller trucks, vans and cars serving the feeder routes. The same principle of frequency first will be applied to freight as it is to passenger service.

The citizens of this state have had to live with the deeply-flawed design decisions of tract-housing developers, being rubber-stamped by town planning boards to bring in "ratables". As Governor, I would eliminate that process and establish, in its stead, a State Department of Construction to design and construct conversions of existing single-use-zoned, motorist-based developments into diversity-zoned, pedestrian neighborhoods, in coordination with GSTA. The State will coordinate with the USPS on the location of post offices, with the technical advice of GSTA.

As a result, New Jerseyans will have a far superior option in leaving the driving to the professionals. We will see far less amateur traffic on our roads and therefore fewer highway deaths resulting from amateur driving.