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  Political Poems  

The Rat Captains


The Rat Captains

The brazen and self-anointed

Captains of Finance

Have led the fleet aground on the shoals

They were so sure that they knew

The lay of every land and sea

From the maps they read in school:

To build software systems,

To govern a state,

They boasted they can sail quickly through

Into every port

With their magic Return on Equity quadrant

They claimed the treasure of the calm

Without a thought of storms or risk:

Heedless of hazards,

Blind to the lighthouses,

For none of these are marked

On the business school maps

Only the black X's for quick profits

Stashed in the hold for them to grab

When their ships go down

Confounding the pie charts they leave behind

The pie rats desert their sinking ships

Lugging their loot to a tax-deserted island

Over the bodies of the public on the deck

Fallen cold and dead

Last questions of rights unanswered

Except by laughing scorn and mocking song:

O suckers, My suckers!

Your fateful trip is done.

Your dreams are wrecked upon the shore.

Your money I have won.

Copyright © 2008 by C. P. Klapper



The People had spoken twice
And your Party did not command
Though they tried to pin their vice
Onto the others hand --

For I was not deceived:
My early computer work
Included punching through
Some stacks of perforated cards
With a number two pencil
Which when too thick would leave
What your Party described as ill
In their districts the kinds of chads
At which a ballot-stuffing Daley was “irked”
The better to deny what was true
That despite your Party's tries
To punch extra holes for Gore
And wage a long campaign of lies
The people voted for Bush
And then returned him a second time

So now you begin your term
As the repudiator of the People's will
And advancer of the bank-breaker's cause,
Of George Soros, enemy of Bush, loser most sore,
Creator of artificial grassroots,
Robber of the Bank of England who moved on dot org
To aid and abet the theft of the American People's wealth
For the power of your Party

Yes, now you begin your term
As the Great Repudiator
And this in me calls to mind
That other Great Repudiator
The triumphant General Andrew Jackson
Who repudiated the good sense
Of the Great Compromiser Henry Clay
And thus repudiated what was right
In favor of being President

So as you begin your triumphal march
To your Party's Media-Manipulated Throne
As you begin your Reign of Repudiation
I hereby declare
My repudiation of you
My repudiation of your Party
My repudiation of George Soros
My repudiation of the media fawning over you
My repudiation of your accomplices
The Return on Equity Gang
Especially Corzine of Goldman Sachs
The Senate and Governor of New Jersey

I repudiate you and your Party
I will overthrow you and your Party
I will lead the People against you
And give the People, all the people,
Individually and without exception,
Yes, even you,

The Power to live free
Free from party power and control
Free from wage slavery
Free from political manipulation
Free from the media hate-mongers
Free from poverty
Free from value taxes
-- That Unholy Trinity of Income, Sales and Property Taxes

I will lead the People
To the fulfillment of the Great Populist Promise:
The Power of each to live, to love and to work
For their dreams
For their destiny

And I will reform our governments
To serve the People
All the people in our land
By giving each of the people
That Power!

So help me God.

Carl Peter Klapper

Copyright © 2009 by C. P. Klapper

The Winds of Change


The Winds of Change

O, he came in on the winds of change alright

As the funders of his party and of him

Swept the wealth of their companies into their pockets

Then shook all the change from widows and orphans

Each penny that they might.

O, he brought change before he took power

As his party's Congress, paid servants of the Gang,

Whisked the wealth of the country away to their lords

So that millions were changed right out of their jobs

Into homeless in an hour.

O, he will throw more change at us now

That he has ascended his gilded throne

As this change has crashed the economy

He will feed all our change to his pigs

As they suck on the patronage sow.

No, no, no more of this change

That leaves us beaten by fierce disgusts

By robbers who broke their banks and us

And toss us out in the open range,

Beggars and slaves to King O.

Copyright © 2009 by C. P. Klapper

The UnAmericans


The UnAmericans

Who are the UnAmericans

Who should go back from whence they came

But the unwelcoming, the intolerant,

Who cannot treat all the same

Yet where can we send the bigots

So ignorant of their past

Ancestral lands would now shun

The prejudicial caste

Perhaps if they learned humility

From a state of hunger and disease

Put them all in a crowded ship

And set them adrift on the open seas

With their own vivid sense of tired and poor

Washed up upon Liberty's sand

They might yet find their comrades upon the shore

And be grateful for the welcome of this land

Copyright © 2008 by C. P. Klapper

before 7/19/2008

Return on Equity


Return on Equity

An Economic Travesty in Three Way-To-Tear-Us-Aparts


C. P. Klapper,

Abstract Development, LLC


It sounds so reasonable and so benign

To get from equity the greatest return

But look with me behind this vague angelic mask

And you will see the devil in the details

Apart Once

When we take a trip in place or in money

When do we say that we have returned

When have we drawn the last benefit of our journey

When do we say it was worth it and close our books

Our answers question ourselves

Are you just so much impatient flesh

Or are you more, a soulful person

Are you a passing moment or a monument for the ages

So the flesh of decisions now

Reckon only the current return

Rendered with bright but fading paints

Obscuring the future profit and loss

The contestants knowing the judges

Trade their somber sober oils

For the brighter but riskier shades

The prize today is tomorrow an empty canvas

Apart Twice

Equity is the stable stone

On which each company is built

But it is also the value below the line

In the Return on Equity equation

Who cannot notice this easy way

To get more return for the equity

By reducing the equity itself

By skimping on the foundation

Who cares if the building comes crashing down

With its unsupported weight

Return on Equity has approved the plans

So that must have been the goal

Equity the much maligned and despised Overhead

Weep outside at the damage wrought

By relying on shaky outsourced deals

And spurning the stability of their faithful service


Return on Equity allows only brief intermissions

Where you might not think of the long-term costs

Of its short-term take-I-mean-earnings

Or where that money might be going

Apart Thrice

What of that money in the vaunted return

We figure the company has received the cash

That it is now a swollen bundle

But shouldn't it be handed over to the ones we have been serving

The investors should receive our sacrifice

To repay the moneyed trust they placed in us

We may have been reckless and bet the store

But it was, was it not, for their reward

What's that you say Return on Equity

They saw no dividends but the stock price is up

Because the returns have been kept safely “retained”

Except for the bonuses for the executives

So the investor gets nothing unless he sells

The return to the no longer investor

The faithless are amply rewarded

The faithful must wait until they are not


After all of this brutal tearing apart

How can we put our economy back together

I suggest we bring this conclusion

By joining in reverse order as we showed here torn apart

First the investor faithful and true

Who stayed with his company through thick and thin

Should receive every day for shares owned when it began

A set percentage of the average volume-adjusted traded price as his dividend

Second that each publicly traded company

Shall report their equity at the open

And, until the close, the price shall be no more

Or less than by half that equity per every share

Third that the stated and lauded goal

Of every public company

Shall be stability and consistency

Steady in changing times

Then the investor will favor and be rewarded by

The surely growing company that finds its optimal size

While speculation and wild surmise

They will shun and let vain promises lie

Copyright © 2009 by C. P. Klapper