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  A Republican Vision  

Setting the Record Straight


The Machine Democratic propagandists have been insistently pushing their version/lies of what happened during the Reagan presidency and then foisting on Republicans the responsibility for their imagined nightmares. Never mind that Ronald Reagan was a Conservative Democrat and famously admitted that he never left the Democratic Party. Never mind that, despite its provenance, the economic policies of the Reagan presidency were a success for most Americans, the only losers being, apparently, a few rich and power-hungry Machine Democrats. Since that time, and for much of the time before, those rich, power-drunk Democrats have held sway and ruined the rest of us, all the while blaming Republicans for their messes. Never mind that Republicans have been nearly invisible and that Conservative Democratic Republicans-In-Name-Only have been made the media face of the Republican Party. Never mind that one wing or another of the Democratic Party controls virtually all of the media in this country and this web site may very well be your first interaction with a genuine Republican.

Never mind all of that as we look at this issue of prosperity and the current lack of it. The Democrats have had far more to do with the impoverishment of the American people, with their support of mortgage debt, labor unions, price supports, minimum wages, sprawl, etc. They have resisted every attempt by Republicans, such as myself, to reduce the cost of living and provide the necessities to all. The Democratic propaganda machine rolls on with a myth of their protecting the "middle class", suitably redefined to suit their demographic studies of whom might easily be tricked into supporting one of their slaver schemes. From this, they concoct a "war against the middle class".

A Republican Vision


However, there is no such thing as a "middle class". There are only rulers and slaves in this country, thanks to the Democrats, literally "people rulers". We are entitlement slaves ("wards of the state", "welfare recipients", etc.), wage slaves ("workers", "managers", "professional employees", etc.), debt slaves("homeowners(by way of a mortgage loan)", "financial aid students", "motorists with car loan", "credit card users", etc.), or some combination of the above. Many combinations are part of one presentation or another of the "middle class" myth.

The next time you hear a Democrat or Democratic proxy extol the virtues of "middle class life", think about the various forms of enslavement that life entails. The "education" (really, the certification) now requiring the ever-increasing, always-unrealistic student loan: debt slave with intimations of wage slavery. The house in the "suburbs" (really, sprawl) bought with a mortgage: debt slave. The late-model automobile bought from a manufacturer dealership with an auto loan: debt slave and petroleum slave. The job within "close commuting distance" of the mortgage-bought home in sprawl, yet far enough away to require a car, and far enough away that your co-workers all drive to work and will sneer at any jalopy with which you might pull into the company parking lot, thus requiring the late-model automobile with the auto loan, the whole lifestyle reflexively requiring that job: wage slave. The peril of your predicament should you ever lose that job in sprawl and the impending doom of forced permanent job loss, also known as retirement, leaving you potentially or actually dependent on unemployment "insurance", social security, food stamps, etc., all coming with an officious gate-keeper to make sure that you are "entitled" to these "benefits": entitlement slave.

A Republican Vision


What I present as a Republican is a different vision, a vision of liberty. The provision of the necessities enabling you to live/work how you want to live/work: freedom from debt and wage slavery. Resource taxes that prompt us all to conserve: freedom from petroleum slavery. The first two, taken together: freedom from the forms of slavery inherent in a debt/live/drive/work sprawl lifestyle. Ending zoning restrictions so that people can open shops in their homes to serve the practical needs of their neighbors and themselves: those same freedoms for those in their current sprawl home. Government-owned and operated public transit from and to all work places: freedom from petroleum slavery. Replacing mortgages with percentage equity transfer contracts: freedom from debt slavery. Allowing people to settle in large, collegial households of many extended families, each wrapped around a college farm which nourishes its residents: freedom from debt slavery, wage slavery and entitlement slavery, for all residents of such colleges.

As a necessary first step, I present a way out of the country's enslavement to sovereign debt:

The Way Out