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Welcome to my personal page.  Feel free to explore the many links to the left and find out about some of my recent activities.  Please note my poem For Haiti.  Feel free to share that link with at least two friends of Haiti.

I would like to draw your attention to my publication of some of my books, both new and old. These are and will be in paperback and hardcover forms. Just follow the links on the "My Books on Amazon" page.  Those of you without a suitable download device can install "Kindle for PC" and download my books for computer viewing at the low price of $1 at Amazon's Kindle Store, just like the Kindle, iPhone and iPod Touch owners.  I am sure that you will enjoy these books and that many of you will want to also purchase the paper editions, which I will be happy to sign for you should our paths cross.

Also, with Valentine's Day approaching, many of you will be wondering what to get a loved one for that romantic holiday.  Flowers and candy are expected and, for many, minimal.  Teddy Bears or teddies can be overdone, leaving a sweetheart questioning your depth of understanding or appreciation of who they really are.  Diamonds and other expensive jewelry are far too expensive and, particularly during a Depression, might imply you are buying their love.  All in all, this might be the year for an affordable and intelligent gift; it might be the year to give your love a book of poems.  Take, for instance, The Washington Poems.  This politically, socially and intellectually provocative work will appeal to all facets of your beloved.  Or, for the more passionate lover, Sonnets for the Spanish is cycle of romantic sonnets that tell a romantic story.  Either or both of these books would make the ideal gift for your sweetheart this Valentine's Day.

Whatever you decide, I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day and thank you so much for visiting.

Best Wishes,


PS:  You may have reached here after seeing my bumper stickers on the road.  One of them is a quote from
The Washington Poems: "There is no peace till Love comes".  The other is advocating Municipal Medical Departments for which you can join my Facebook cause.  I hope to make these available for sale in the near future.


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