Dear Future Client or Employer,

I am again available for software consulting, either lecturing on Abstract Development – a modified formal methods paradigm that uses program-generation to create a dynamic and extensible system – or hands-on development using your paradigm with your development stack and with your people, at $800/day for NYC assignments, only.

In the past, I have developed standalone and multi-tiered systems using both functional and algebraic/object-oriented languages. Sometimes these systems had workspace storage, sometimes they had remote storage of various kinds, hierarchical, relational, algebraic, etc., or sometimes both. I have had to create my own algebraic overlay to a RDBMS, and have rolled my own data cubes, when those were lacking. The front-ends have used a number of paradigms, including web-scripting – I first used JavaScript in the 1990's – and downloadable apps. I have worn many hats through the years, including in hardware and in networking. My first foray into artificial intelligence was a checkers-playing program I wrote in APL and completed in early 1975. In all of this, I learned – and improved – what I needed to learn for the project at hand, with or without prior experience, have worked with almost all of the major technologies, and have used precursors of all of the ones in present use. Just give me access to the development space and an idea of what you want done, and I can pretty quickly get my bearings and get the job done.

Though I prefer going through my company, Abstract Development, I can work and I have worked on a W-2 basis and in a permanent role. Since I have an automobile and am living in Washington Heights, I will readily take on long-term assignments in the Bronx, as well as any assignments reachable by subway in Manhattan. Work in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island can be specially arranged.

Please call me at 646-649-5072 or e-mail me at to discuss how I can meet your development needs.

Thank you!

C. P. Klapper


Resume highlighting my recent T-SQL work.

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